digger cab assembly



whirlpool appliances assembly
  • Reduce walking distance between the product and the material facade
  • Inefficient small bin supply
  • High ergonomic and safety requirements
  • Improved productivity in assembly
  • Reduced walking distance
  • Improved material flow with less forklifts
  • Mother daughter solution with shelf and 2 daughter carts
  • Small mother carts that is moved close to product
  • Tow bar on cart to enable transport in train set up
oshkosh boom lift assembly
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The supply of small bins to the line side racks on the assembly line was not efficient. There was a need to bring more bins at the same time but also to minimize the number of times the bins were handled by the operators. The assemblers were also walking long distances between the assembled product and the line side to fetch material and therefore a more mobile solutions was needed.

The idea of a large mother cart with shelves where smaller daughter carts could be integrated was born. The intention was to store bins with fasteners onto the shelves and the small carts and hook the whole system up to the driven assembly line.

The daughter carts could be disconnected from the mother cart and therefore brought close to the operator while performing assembly around the boom lifts.

After a while JLG Industries decided to reconfigure the mother carts in order to accommodate 4 small carts instead of just 2. That means 2 on either side of the mother cart could be transported to the assembly line.

In each tuggertrain 3 mother carts are transported meaning a total of 12 small carts begin hauled to the assembly line at the same time.

The customer is also using some carts to store wire ropes.

oshkosh boom lift assembly
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