truck cab assembly



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  • Too many forklifts in production
  • High ergonomic requirements
  • Narrow forklift aisles
  • Reduced number of forklifts
  • More safe and quiet working environment
  • Several pallets can be transported at the same time
  • Pallet cart 1200 X 800 mm with tow bar
  • Supply with train including 4 carts
  • Caster setup for optimal tracking
heavy truck cab assembly
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Reduced forklift traffic was the main target for the customer in this case. Transportation of 1200x800 mm pallets and 800x600 mm should from now on be moved on carts. As the frequency of deliveries to the assembly line was high, the ergonomic conditions for the operator was very important.

Based on FlexQube standard building blocks two different platforms was designed, one for each size of pallet. The commonality of building blocks between the platforms was as high as 90% which simplifies maintenance and storage of spare parts.

To handle the narrow forklift aisles with it was important to achieve narrow turning radius and exceptional tracking.

This was achieved with a caster configuration including two fixed casters in the center of the cart, and one swivel caster in each short end of the cart.

For excellent ergonomics the carts were equipped with an ergonomic tow bar that is controlled from the handle. This invention from FlexQube reduced many non ergonomic movements for the operators when connecting carts into a train.

Train with 4 carts runs from the warehouse to the kit lines located close to the assembly line. The carts can be removed in any sequence from the train thanks to the ergonomic tow bar. A handlebar with bent top makes sure the cart are easy to push into the correct position on the line.

In total 800 carts was delivered.

heavy truck cab assembly
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