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  • Reduce forklift traffic in the factory
  • Many different parts with different size, weight and geometry
  • Narrow transport aisles
  • 60% reduced travel distance for material in the production
  • Improved loading and picking ergonomics
  • Reduced number of forklifts
  • Customized kit carts built with FlexQube standard components
  • Integration with Liftrunner tugger train from STILL
  • Common and flexible platform used as base for all kit carts
eberspacher exhaust part manufacturing using tilted hanging cart
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Eberspaecher wanted to go fork-free in their production and improve the material flow. FlexQube was contacted and the first carts were implemented in 2012. Since then, the customer has continuously modified and upgraded the carts. Both to suit new demands but also to take care of feedback from the operators to improve the carts even more. The FlexQube™ concept makes that possible without discarding building blocks making it a sustainable solution for the industry.

By replacing forklifts with a mother/daughter tugger train to feed material to the welding lines it was possible to transport more material in every transport. Instead of feeding one pallet at a time, four carts with material can be transported to the line.

The carts were designed in close cooperation with the operators that use the carts daily, and for them it was a big change.

"The carts have been a huge improvement when it comes to ergonomics. The material are easily rolled on and off the cart to the assembly station. Always in a good height and close to the body"

Also the engineers are happy with the carts. "I am extremely satisfied with the carts. I feel proud when I see them at the production lines or when the carts are transported by the tugger train. They have a very solid design, very robust"

The customer has more than 300 carts in 15 different versions

eberspacher exhaust part manufacturing using tilted hanging cart
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