fridge cab assembly



whirlpool appliances assembly
  • Parts to heavy for existing equipment
  • Lack of space at assembly line
  • Space efficient solution to handle various heights
  • Improved ergonomics
  • Integration with lifting tool
  • Carts with various dimensions but same concept
  • Docked at high/low carts at the assembly line
  • Extendable shelf to reach and load with lifting tool
extendable shelf cart for Bosch assembly line
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BOSCH needed to store heat exchangers* in a rack in the warehouse. The exchangers needed to be lifted with a lift tool due to high weights and then be placed in a container to stand still on the rack.

Then the heat exchangers should be transported to the assembly line and moved over to a rack that the operator could pick from with lift tool. At the line the operators will be handling heat exchangers on two different heights.

Weight of the heat exchangers are about 80-100 kg a piece.

*pictures shows only a example container and not the actual customer part

  1. A kit cart with rollers to fit transportation of 4 heat exchangers was developed.
  2. The lower level was made extendable because the lifting tool needs to be able to place them on the rack.
  3. A high rack for line feeding was designed to carry two heat exchangers.
  4. At some places at the line a lower picking height is necessary and therefore a low rack cart is used.
extendable shelf cart for Bosch assembly line
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