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  • Go fork-lift free and eliminate forklift traffic close to assembly lines
  • Heavy loads up to 2000 pounds
  • Narrow fork lift aisles
  • 3 fork-lift trucks were removed and 3 operators were removed
  • Payback time 6 months
  • Less frequent traffic and increased safety
  • Flat deck 50 x 50 inch carts compatible with STILL E-frame
  • Ergonomic handle fixed brake always pointing towards operator
solution for Borgwarner - flat deck cart
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Reduced forklift traffic was the main target for the customer in this case. In order to go fork-lift free a tugger train system including a combination of Liftrunner E-frames (mother carts) and FlexQube dollies (daughter carts) was implemented.

Before a decision was taken to go for the FlexQube concept five different cart brands were evaluated. The customer did choose FlexQube because of:

  1. Almost half the cart weight of similar welded solutions
  2. Outstanding customer service and response time
  3. Price in line with welded cart
  4. Scalable concept that could be adapted for future needs

The tugger system was designed to transport 3 carts at the time. The carts was carrying large crates (gay lord bins) from warehouse staging area to the different work cells. The carts were equipped with a ergonomic handle bar and flat steel deck as well as fixed brake casters on the operator side. The carts can handle weights up to 2000 pounds.

The projected resulted in many benefits for Borg Warner. First of all, the ergonomic situation for the warehouse employees was improved. In addition, 3 fork-lift trucks were removed, and the frequency of traffic was reduced that resulted in improved safety.

The payback time for the project was as short as 6 months, and thanks to the modular concept the carts has been continuously improved since the start of the project. The customer is using 75 flat deck 50 x 50 inch carts.

solution for Borgwarner - flat deck cart
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