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  • Existing carts not flexible enough and hard to move manually
  • Too many forklifts in production
  • Heavy parts and many different variants of parts
  • I think it is just great! It rolls easy no matter how much parts you load on it
  • Very good picking ergonomics
  • Reduced forklift traffic
  • Heavy duty shelf carts for welded parts and customized carts
  • Carts moved with E-frame Liftrunnertuggertrain from KION
  • Adjustable shelves that can be adapted for different parts
cart solution for agco tractor fabrication
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AGCO has a lot of variation in their production process and are in need of a flexible system that can be adapted to variation in the design of the components.

AGCO uses the FlexQube concept to assemble customized carts that can hold the fabricated parts between work stations and machine centers. Each cart is either transported by the LiftrunnerE-frame tuggersystem or by a standard tongue and hitch solution.

AGCO has since 2013 been using the FlexQube system and are very happy with its functionality and performance.

cart solution for agco tractor fabrication
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